Wireless Systems Lab

Current Collaborative Research Projects

  • NSF Center for Science of Information: Representation, communication, and processing of information in biological, physical, social, and engineered systems

  • DTRA : Fundamental Performance Limits in Hybrid Network under WMD Attacks

  • AFOSR : Reduced-Dimension Wireless Network and Radio Design

  • BSF : Defying Nyquist in Wireless Network Design

Previous Collaborative Research Projects:

  • DARPA/ITMANET : Capacity, Cooperation, and Optimization in MANETs - Information Theory for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

  • FCRP : Wireless Interconnects

  • AFOSR : Complex Network Information Exchange

  • UCSC MURI : Dynamic Ad-hoc Wireless Networking

  • NSF ITR : Cross-Layer Design of Ad-hoc Wireless Networks for Real-Time Media

  • DARPA/CBMANET : MARCONI - Mobility Aware Resource Coordination for Optimization of Network Infrastructure

  • CLEAN SLATE : Cooperation and Competition in Wideband Wireless Resource Allocation

  • Stanford Networking Research Center : Robust and adaptive protocol design for wireless multimedia networks