Distributed Optimization for Optimal Spectrum Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks

Professor Amir Leshem
Professor, Bar-Ilan University
Date: May 23, 2013


To achieve a large scale coordination between cognitive radio systems, one needs to perform distributed spectral allocation that will achieve optimal performance. In this talk we present several algorithms for optimal and asymptotically optimal solution of the problem. We show how these algorithms can be implemented without explicit information sharing among users in a fully distributed manner.The ideas involved span from the stable marriage theorem to auction based algorithms together with the use of random access protocols, where the communication channel serves as an auctioneer. This introduces a new way of solving distributed stochastic optimization by using the properties of the communication channel.


Amir Leshem received the Ph.D. in mathematics from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, in 1998. He is a professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Bar-Ilan University. His main research interests include multichannel wireless and wireline communication, applications of game theory to cognitive radio and adaptive spectrum management of communication networks, array and statistical signal processing with applications to multiple element sensor arrays and networks, wireless communications, radio-astronomical imaging and brain research, set theory, logic and foundations of mathematics.