ISL Talks

ISL Colloquium

The Information Systems Laboratory Colloquium (ISLC) is typically held in Packard 101 every Thursday at 4:15 pm during the academic year. Refreshments are usually served after the talk.

The Colloquium is organized by graduate students Bobbie Chern, Mainak Chowdhury, Yash Deshpande and Madeleine Udell. To suggest speakers, please contact any of the students.

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Spring 2013

04/04/2013Maryam Fazel (Univ. of Washington)[abstract][video]
04/25/2013Lester Mackey (Stanford) [abstract][video]
05/02/2013Devavrat Shah (MIT) [abstract][video]
05/09/2013Pramod Viswanath (UIUC)[abstract] [video]
05/23/2013Amir Leshem (Bar-Ilan)[abstract] [video]
05/30/2013Cedric Langbort (UIUC)[abstract] [video]
06/06/2013Prateek Jain (Microsoft)[abstract] [video]
06/13/2013Lara Dolecek (UCLA)[abstract]

Winter 2013

01/10/2013Maya Gupta (Google)[abstract][slides][video]
01/17/2013Vincent Poor (Princeton)[abstract][slides][video]
01/24/2013Sayan Mitra (UIUC)[abstract][slides][video]
01/31/2013Javad Lavaei (Columbia)[abstract] [video]
02/07/2013Shlomo Shamai (Technion)[abstract][slides][video]
02/14/2013Nihar Jindal and Sriram Sundararajan (Broadcom)[abstract]
02/21/2013Daniel Cremers (TU Munich)[abstract][slides][video]
02/28/2013Balaji Prabhakar (Stanford)[abstract]
03/07/2013Venkat Chandrasekaran (Caltech)[abstract] [video]
03/14/2013Zhiqiang Gao (Cleveland State University)[abstract] [slides] [video]

Special Seminar:
03/08/2013 Oren Somekh (Yahoo! Labs) [abstract]

Fall 2012

10/04/2012Alex Smola (Google, UC Berkeley)[abstract][slides][video]
10/11/2012Tara Javidi (UCSD)[abstract][slides][video]
10/18/2012Percy Liang (Stanford)[abstract][slides][video]
10/25/2012Babak Hassibi (Caltech)[abstract][slides][video]
11/01/2012Surya Ganguli (Stanford)[abstract][slides]
11/08/2012Rahul Jain (USC)[abstract]
11/15/2012Lieven Vandenberghe (UCLA)[abstract] [video]
11/27/2012Emile Richard (ENS, Cachan)[abstract]
11/29/2012Tom Courtade (Stanford)[abstract] [video]
12/06/2012Greg Wornell (MIT)[abstract] [video]

Kailath lectures and colloquia

On the occasion of Prof. Thomas Kailath's 70th Birthday, a group of his former students and associates joined to honor his influence and contributions by endowing a fund that will support an annual lecture at Stanford University in mathematical engineering as well as colloquia, workshops and other research-enhancing activities.

More information can be found here.