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Neelesh B. Mehta


California Institute of Technology, Pasadena (2000)

PhD in Electrical Engineering

Advisor: Prof. Andrea Goldsmith (Stanford University)

California Institute of Technology, Pasadena (1997)

MS in Electrical Engineering (GPA: 3.9/4)           

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras (India) (1996)

Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communications Engineering

GPA: 9.76/10 (2nd in the entire graduating class)

Employment & Research Experience

Senior Technical Staff Member at AT&T Research (Wireless Systems Division) (2001-02)

·         Lead major investigation on analysis and characterization of orthogonality factor, an important parameter in WCDMA downlinks. Results have significant implications on downlink capacity.

·         Part of a team that significantly improved an in-house WCDMA simulator, furthering internal research and potential external commercialization. Conducted a thorough system level study of WCDMA downlink channels capacity, shedding light on pertinent design and analysis issues.

·         Successfully implemented simulation engine - currently possessed by few companies worldwide - for the advanced and comprehensive COST259 general channel model, with promising research applications. Participating in 3GPP channel modeling standardization efforts.

·         Novel study of interplay between fast scheduling diversity and multipath channel diversity, and its impact on receiver design. Problem formulation has scope for promising future work.


PhD Research (1997-2000)

·         Primary focus on characterizing effect of terminal mobility and wireless channel impairments on cellular resource allocation schemes.

·         Analyzed the effect of channel estimate reliability on proposed link adaptation schemes in 2.5G EDGE systems, leading to interesting insights on a proposed no-transmission mode.

·         Analyzed the effect of terminal mobility, channel, and interference on the hybrid voice/data Packet Reservation Multiple Access protocol. Analytical technique developed extends the range of problems that can be exactly analyzed.                                 

·         Research partly done while at Stanford University as a Visiting Graduate Student Researcher. (1999-2000)


         Undergraduate Research Project (1995-96)

·         Designed, built, and successfully demonstrated hardware for Transcoder to double existing capacity of lines between exchanges in rural India.

o        Project required implementing complex hardware design, FPGA digital logic design, assembly code architecture and implementation for system control, synchronization, and monitoring. Hardware involved 8 ADSP21xx running in parallel for simultaneously compressing and decompressing 22 voice channels.

Distinctions & Awards

·         Recipient of AT&T World Leadership Award given to 36 graduates from Asia/Pacific region. (1997)

·         Awarded the Philips India prize for best undergraduate academic performance in Electronics and Communications Engineering, IIT, Madras. Also, awarded Institute Merit Prize for 2 years. (1996)

·         Secured 17th all India rank in the joint entrance examination (JEE) for admission into the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). (1992)

·         Secured 2nd rank (out of 40,000 candidates) in state’s engineering entrance exam (EAMCET). (1992)

·         Recipient of National Talent Search Scholarship (NTSE, India). (1992-96)

·         Stood 1st in state level Mathematics Olympiad. (1991)

Computer Skills

·      Languages:  C, HTML, Pascal. Coded extensively in assembly languages of ADSP 21xx, x86.

·      Mathematical software: Matlab, Mathematica, Maple, OrCad.

·      Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows/DOS.

Hobbies & Past Activities

·         Avid outdoors enthusiast.

·         Enjoy Indian and Western classical music.

·         Teaching Assistant at Caltech for basic/advanced communications, wireless courses. (1996-98)

·         House chair of Braun Graduate House (Caltech). Initiated re-cycling program in dorm. (1998-99)

·         Undergraduate Representative for Electronics and Communications Eng. at IIT, Madras. (1994-96)

·        Participated in ecology management program for controlling non-native plants at IIT, Madras. (1992-94)

List of Publications

·       Analysis and Results for the Orthogonality Factor in WCDMA Downlinks,N. B. Mehta, L. Greenstein, T. Willis, Z. Kostic. Submitted to IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun., VTC’02 (spring).

·       Characterizing the Orthogonality Factor in WCDMA Downlinks,Olufunmilola Awoniyi, Neelesh B. Mehta, Larry Greenstein. Submitted to IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun.

·       Statistics of the Orthogonality Factor in COST259 Macrocells for WCDMA Downlinks,Neelesh B. Mehta, Andreas Molisch, Larry Greenstein. To be submitted.

·       “Clustering of Scatterers in Mobile Radio Channels - Evaluation and Modeling in the COST259 Directional Channel Model,” A. Molisch, H. Asplund, N. B. Mehta, M. Steinbauer. VTC 2002.

·       “Some Performance Results for Downlink Shared Channel in WCDMA,” X. Qiu, L.-F. Cheng, L. Greenstein, Z. Kostic, T. Willis, K. Chawla, J. Chuang, J. Whitehead, N. Mehta. ICC 2002.

·       “Analysis and Design Results for Packet Data Traffic Performance in WCDMA Downlinks,” Neelesh B. Mehta, Larry Greenstein, Tom Willis III, Zoran Kostic. Under preparation.

·        “Fast Scheduling Diversity and Its Impact on CDMA Rake Receivers Exploiting Multipath Channel Diversity,” Neelesh. B. Mehta, Zoran Kostic, and Moe Win. Under preparation.

·       Throughput Analysis of Link Adaptation in Interference-Limited Cellular Systems,N. B. Mehta, A. Goldsmith, VTC 2001 (spring), Greece. Also submitted to IEEE JSAC.

·        Performance Analysis of Link Adaptation in Wireless Data Networks,Neelesh B. Mehta, Andrea Goldsmith, Globecom 2000, San Francisco.

·        Effect of Fixed and Interference-induced Packet Error Probability on PRMA,Neelesh B. Mehta, Andrea Goldsmith, ICC 2000, New Orleans.

·       Effect of Mobility on PRMA,Neelesh B. Mehta, Andrea Goldsmith. ICC 1999, Vancouver. To appear in IEEE Trans. Communications.

·       Prediction-based Techniques for Hand-off Prioritization in Channel Assignment Schemes,Neelesh B. Mehta and Andrea Goldsmith, Globecom 1998, Sydney.