Wireless technology has enormous potential to change the way people and things communicate. Future wireless networks will allow people on the move to communicate with anyone, anywhere, and at any time using a range of multimedia services. Wireless communications will also enable a new class of intelligent home electronics that can interact with each other and with the Internet. Wireless video will support applications such as distance learning and remote medicine, and self configuring wireless networks will provide the baseline technology for widespread sensor networks and automated highways. There are many technical challenges that must be overcome in order to make this vision a reality. These challenges transcend all levels of the overall system design, including hardware, communication link, network, and application design. In addition, synergies between the design of these different system layers must be exploited to meet the demanding performance requirements of future wireless systems. Professor Goldsmith and her research group are investigating many of these areas. The interdisciplinary research combines work in wireless channel modeling, information and communication theory, multiuser communications, signal processing, and wireless network design. The specific research topics currently being addressed are described below.