Wireless Communications by Andrea Goldsmith

The book is now available from Cambridge University Press. The publisher's website for the book is http://www.cambridge.org/uk/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=0521837162 . It is also in stock at Amazon . Book typos uncovered so far are posted here and to the publisher's website. Please send additional typos to wireless@wsl.stanford.edu. The publisher's website also contains a password-protected solutions manual (in pdf) for all homework problems along with other supporting material such as lecture slides for instructors adopting the book.

The book's Table of Contents is posted here . Sample chapters can be viewed here . These sample chapters contain many typos, errors, and omissions that were corrected during the production process of the book (all figures were also redrawn). Therefore, while email comments on the sample chapters are welcome, please only email typos and corrections based on the published book, not these sample chapters. All emails regarding the book should be sent to wireless@wsl.stanford.edu.